Westfield // Food


As part of Westfield’s 2015 Food campaign, we were commissioned for another Portas creative venture and asked to capture a quirky set of ‘How to’ style cocktail-making films. Specifically shot for social media they needed to be fun, attention grabbing and of course mouth-wateringly tempting to promote the brand’s UK shopping centres and it’s vast offering when it comes to wining and dining.


Brought these zingy little films to life with a choppy edit, tropical toned music and some pretty nifty prop styling. Each one decorated to compliment it’s own thirst-quenching theme, the aim was to showcase four refreshingly different recipes. Ultimately declaring to the nation that there is something for everyone at Westfield – and we’re talking more than shopping. Make ours the ‘Watermelon & Passionfruit’ please… (followed by the need for a ‘Good-For-You Greenery’ tomorrow morning we imagine!)







How to make: The Raspberry Golden Fizz >

How to make: The Fluro Orange >