Metro Space


To send a chocolate bar to space. Yes, that’s right you read it correctly, we were asked to film for Turkish chocolate bar brand ‘Metro’ and capture the journey of a single bar as it was actually sent up into space. Having seen a number of athletes over several months generate energy (quite literally, on pedal bikes) after eating the chocolate, the energy was then reserved and set aside to be used to rocket the bar on a weather balloon up, up and away. The yearlong campaign started in Istanbul with Dinamo Productions, and came through our fine friends at Casta Diva’s London office who asked us to service the final stages.



Got mega excited about this insane idea, obviously. Beginning in a field in Gloucestershire, England, we watched as the expert team from Istanbul prepared for take off and we secured our Go-Pros on the device that would be detached from the balloon and continue to carry the chocolate on it’s journey. We then raced around the English countryside with our GPS tracking devices waiting for it to descend and reappear somewhere nearby. Having spent around 2.5 hours in space, hitting heights of 28 km, the Metro bar successfully returned to earth. After being discovered by a confused cyclist moments before we arrived, we swiftly removed the onboard cameras and someone ate the chocolate bar… Sounds crazy, hey? Well, it was. But it also made for some mind-blowing space footage!

Metro 02

Metro 04

Metro 05