Hive Energy


A venture with the team at Studio Output, we set out to produce a series of 15-20 second films that would promote the Hive family of smart products and services from British Gas. Demonstrating clever commands via the Hive app such as controlling the lighting or heating in your home from your phone, we needed to showcase the ease of use and the positive impact on daily life from a truly connected home experience. The films needed to be shot from point of view (POV) angle, with props and location in each film descriptive of the activity being shown so as to resonate with the viewers and give example of real life situations. Planned for use on social media channels, the film stories needed to engage and strike a cord with potential customers.


Intense story boarding, prop selection and careful consideration of the shoot environments led us to a three day shoot on location. Shot POV using cameras attached to our actors, we created a raw and very real visual approach with focus on the use of the app and hand movements and gestures by the models featured. Each story was then brought to life with a pacey edit featuring sourced stock footage that would compliment the scenario, and overlaid with text describing the problem and solution covered in that particular story. The first person ‘voice’ here reinforced the realness of the situations and establishes Hive’s key message that ‘Hive just takes care of it’.