Boys of Yoga


A project created 
in 2014 by Michael James Wong – a London based teacher, Los Angeles native & yogi – BOYS OF YOGA aims to smash the stereotypes and misconceptions of guys who yoga. With an invitation to follow them on a yoga-filled journey, the aim was to help tell their story to the masses through a short film that would be showcased at their 2015 launch event in London. We were set to get to know the guys behind the revolution and find out what it really means to be a dude who practices ‘yoga every damn day’.









Watched the boys sweat it out and create some pretty amazing shapes. We also interviewed the hell out of them and learned what they ate, when they slept, and what they do when they aren’t pushing their bodies and their minds to the max. As a result of all the above, we essentially helped tell their story and turn their vision for the ‘uncelebrated minority’ into a stereotype-smashing documentary style short film. The piece has been used online and at events across the globe helping to shape what was once a passion project, into what is now fast becoming a credible brand.







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